Electrical Wiring Pro 2017

Electrical Wiring Pro 2017

von Intineo LLC

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018-04-16
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0
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  • Entwickler: Intineo LLC
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Updated for the 2017 Electrical Code. This app supports the 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017 codes. This app will include all future enhancements prior to the NEC 2020 code, other Electrical Wiring Pro apps will receive bug fixes, but new features will be found here. New features include the 2017 NEC recommended Torques, the new derating for conductors above roof, and wire bending space for compact aluminum wires. AMPACITY AND WIRE SIZING per Article 310 + Size -> Ampacity (UPDATED) + Ampacity - Size (UPDATED) + Grounds - GEC and EGC Sizing + Dwelling Service and Feeder Sizing (From table or "83%" rule) - Adjustments for Ambient, # conductors and height above roof BOX FILL / WIRE BENDING SPACE + Wire, Device and Hardware Box Sizing + Cable option vs wires, e.g. for Romex + Wire Bending Space for Cabinets, Gutters, Motor Controllers etc (UPDATED) + Standard Box Wire and Ring Information CONDUIT FILL per Chapter 9 + Conduit Size Needed + How Full Conduit is given a set of wires + Max # of Wires Per Conduit + Conduit Info + Wire Info BASIC CONDUIT BENDING + Offset (simple or compound) + Parallel Conduit Spacing + Three Bend Saddle + Corner Obstacle + Segment Bend + Minimum Bend Radii per Code - Conduit Calculations in fractions or Inches RESIDENTIAL LOAD CALCULATIONS per Article 220 + Single Family Dwellings, including Part III (Standard), Part IV (Optional), Reduced Neutral Volt-Amps and Current + Multi Family Dwellings, including "House" Loads; Standard, Optional and Reduced Neutrals + Range (and other Cooking) Calculations VOLTAGE DROP per Chapter 9 + Voltage and % Drops + Wire Sizing for a given drop/% + Maximum Wire Length + Maximum Load + Impedance per Code OTHER + Recommended Torques + Cover Depth for buried wires and conduits per 300.5 and 300.50 + PIRE Wheel + Receptacle configurations + Phone/Ethernet pinouts