Italian: Teach Yourself® – Complete

Italian: Teach Yourself® – Complete

von HOW TO Learn Interactive

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2013-07-22
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.0.5
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  • Entwickler: HOW TO Learn Interactive
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Introducing the first COMPLETE LANGUAGE COURSE delivered in an app As featured in the Guardian’s ‘30 best iPhone and iPad apps’ roundup Developed by Teach Yourself® – a name trusted by language learners around the world for over 70 years – these language apps are different. Written by language teachers and enhanced for learning on the go, they are the perfect supplement or even substitute to a language class. Used alongside our Complete Italian course book this Teach Yourself® app offers a totally flexible blended solution for language learning. With over 50 hours of learning, this course will take you right from A1 beginner to B2 upper intermediate level. Download this version of the app to access the full course immediately or buy in bulk under the Apple Volume Purchase Programme for Education. You can also download the IN-APP version for FREE to try-before-you-buy and pay-as-you-learn. Go beyond just learning phrases and enjoy real results from a completely fresh approach to language learning. INTRODUCTORY OFFER For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering a special discounted launch price. What the reviewers are saying: Featured in the GUARDIAN’s ‘30 best iPhone and iPad apps’ roundup “Great app!” “This is just what I needed. Great for travel!” “The record and compare function is great as I can really assess if I sound genuine in my pronunciation.” “Intuitive, fun, and works very quickly – have gone from nothing to conversational in just under a week.” A different APProach… ● EASY TO USE With its simple navigation, clear, uncluttered look and beautiful design, Teach Yourself’s Italian app allows you to confidently focus on learning right from the start. ● ENTERTAINING Learn by enjoying Teach Yourself’s range of interactive exercises from matching, to listen-and-answer and fill-in-the-gap. ● INSTANT FEEDBACK Enjoy real-time tracking of how well you are learning Italian at every stage with a personal Teach Yourself® scoreboard. ● TOTAL FLEXIBILITY Still want a physical book to refer to? Teach Yourself’s apps are the only language apps that also have hand-in-hand print books and eBooks so you can learn Italian wherever and however you like. Just search ‘Complete Italian: Teach Yourself’. ● AUTHORITATIVE Written by language teachers and professors, Teach Yourself® language apps provide the same professional tuition as in class. ● AUTHENTIC With native Italian speakers to listen to and learn from, the Teach Yourself® method puts you at the centre of the language from the start. ● SET YOUR OWN SPEED Looking to learn from scratch, go further or simply brush up on your skills? Just start by choosing the level that suits you best and progress from there. The Teach Yourself® course will take you right from A1 beginner and advanced beginner levels to B2 intermediate and upper intermediate levels. ● 4-DIMENSIONAL LANGUAGE LEARNING Teach Yourself’s Italian app won’t simply get you speaking Italian; it will help you confidently master all 4 skills equally: reading, writing, listening and speaking. ● PERFECT PRONUNCIATION Learn to speak Italian like a native with Record & Compare – a Teach Yourself® tool that gives you instant access to how your pronunciation compares to a native speaker’s. ● PAINLESS GRAMMAR Teach Yourself's fun practice exercises allow you to learn Italian grammar by enjoying interactive activities. ● INSTANT SUPPORT Teach Yourself’s free reference section gives you rapid access to all the extra help you may want with its Talking Dictionary, quick vocab practice exercises, verb lists, and grammar explanations. ● ENJOY ITALIAN CULTURE Specially written to help you get close to all the key aspects of Italian culture, the Teach Yourself® approach helps you seamlessly understand Italian culture as you learn the language. Rely on Teach Yourself® – trusted by millions of language learners for over 70 years