VPN for iPhone by PureVPN

VPN for iPhone by PureVPN

von PureVPN

  • Kategorie: Utilities
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2013-03-07
  • Aktuelle Version: 5.7.0
  • Bewertung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 39.36 MB
  • Entwickler: PureVPN
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 8.0 oder später.
Ergebnis: 2
Von 66 Bewertungen


PureVPN has been providing a seamless online experience to its users for over a decade. PureVPN is a one-stop solution for online security, anonymity and privacy. PureVPN offers a free unlimited VPN experience with no limitations or speed issues, making it the best virtual private network provider in the market. When it comes to a privacy app, no one can outdo us! With PureVPN for iPhone, you can: - Anonymously browse the web - Stay protected from online threats and malware With a host of handy features for different functionalities, PureVPN is truly the complete package for all your online needs. Here are all the goodies that come with PureVPN: - Impenetrable security on the internet with free VPN proxy - A VPN for iPhone that offers unbeatable protection against data snoopers & hackers - A secure VPN with a Purpose Selection tool for every purpose - A free VPN to download anything with 100% secrecy - Hack-proof security on public Wi-Fi hotspots - Option to make your device a hotspot VPN - App available in English, German, French, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, & Spanish - Hassle-free VoIP calls and video chats - With VPN On-Demand feature, you can select the data that goes through your VPN and ISP – which makes it an extremely efficient connection. Wait! We’re not done yet. In fact, we’re only getting started. PureVPN is miles ahead of its competitors because of its extremely handy, smart advanced features that come locked-and-loaded with the iPhone VPN app. It’s truly the ultimate protection app. Useful Advanced Features PureVPN’s most important objective is to ensure its clients’ online safety and provide a browsing experience that is second-to-none. Unlike other VPN services, PureVPN offers a variety of advanced features. The advanced features make PureVPN the perfect hotspot VPN with features like: - Content Filter: This handy feature scans and eliminates annoying and undesired content. - Web Filter: A perfect tool for those with kids, this parental control feature can come in handy for those who don’t want their kids to access certain webpages or content. - Smart Antivirus Protection: This feature allows you sit back, relax and enjoy the web as it watches your back 24/7, guarding you from sneaky malware and viruses. - IDS and IPS: A built-in proactive firewall that protects your digital realm from would-be invaders that are trying to infiltrate your network or device. - App Blocker: Don’t want an app to run on your device? Stop it with this feature. The latest build comes packed with these advanced features that provide a complete 360° online protection against threats such as malware, hackers, third-party snooping and much more. To make things easier for our users, PureVPN allows you to configure your own dedicated IP on L2TP. Moreover, we also offer a wide range of protocols. With over 750+ servers strategically located in 180+ cities around the globe, PureVPN’s network is optimized for lightning-fast speeds. Gone are the days when internet censorships limited our browsing activities. With PureVPN, access the internet like it was meant to be; without restrictions and shackles. Also, through the newly introduced Ping Server feature, you can now check the speed of any server and sort servers according to their ping or alphabetically. We offer following payment plans for iOS users: - $4.99 monthly (1 month)
* - $39.99 annually (12 months)
* - $23.99 half yearly (6 months)
* * All subscriptions are subject to auto-renewal. So, be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to protecting your online freedom. Join a growing family of over a million satisfied iPhone VPN users today and enjoy the web with the fastest and most secured VPN service available! We would love to hear from you, so please drop us a line at enquiry@purevpn.com Support: https://support.purevpn.com/ Terms of Service: https://www.purevpn.com/term.php Privacy Policy: https://www.purevpn.com/privacy-policy.php


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  • Pelotero62

    Durch Pelotero62
    Alles supi
  • Läuft (mittlerweile)

    Durch jcalam
    Bis vor kurzem tat die App tatsächlich nicht viel Sinnvolles. Mittlerweile funktioniert sie zuverlässig. Verbindungsabbrüche passieren eher selten, Bandbreite vorausgesetzt.
  • No possible to use with ipad

    Durch Julphoto230865
    Hello it s not possible to use it with my ipad. It never find any server..it s searching but nothing happen. I go back to free vpn.It s working better.
  • Worst VPN app I have ever seen!

    Durch JulieBlulie
    The service seems to be okay if you connect by another way without this app. I am trying it again and again for years with several iOS devices/versions. Gladly the "Lifetime Subscripton" had been very cheap the time I purchased it. It'so nly usable in English. German translation are horrible and sometimes not even understandable for a native speaker. In rare cases (somewhere in the settings) it's even Danish or just keeps English (e.g. "Disconnect"). Also bugs, bugs, bugs... Semi-OT: The Mac App is even much more worse, you can't close popup windows like ping, so the checkbox for not showing it again has no use (you have to quit the app) and the German translation shows "Verbindung getrennt" = "Disconnected" instead of "Verbindung trennen" = "Disconnect", what exactly is the opposite. As already mentioned: In the iOS app this is not translated at all.
  • Not working well in China

    Durch Envision12345
    I have a 24 month subscription and it does not really work well in china.
  • Mehr als mangelhafte Performance

    Durch M de Valencia
    Funktioniert in maximal einem von zehn Fällen. Ständige Fehlermeldungen sind an der Tagesordnung.
  • Gut, schnell und einfach zu bedienen.

    Durch Benjac57
    Gut, schnell und einfach zu bedienen.
  • Waaaaay too slow

    Durch Phkl
  • keine Verbindung zu den Servern

    Durch Bjoern2806
    trotz mehrfacher Versuche keine Verbindung zu den Servern möglich und einen Server in Deutschland gibt es nur wenn man zahlt. So kann man nicht testen ob Amazon Prime im Urlaub funktioniert
  • Crashes on start on iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10.3

    Durch Die-PC-Techniker.de
    Cannot use it because the app crashes when I try to connect to VPN server