Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

von Simon Fairbairn

  • Kategorie: Travel
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2012-12-10
  • Aktuelle Version: 3.4.2
  • Bewertung: 12+
  • Dateigröße: 32.45 MB
  • Entwickler: Simon Fairbairn
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 9.0 oder später.
Ergebnis: 4.5
Von 154 Bewertungen


LESS TRACKING, MORE TRAVELLING Trail Wallet is free for the first 25 items, with an In App Purchase available to unlock unlimited amounts. **Featured in the App Store. Over 150,000 downloads!** **Also featured in the New York Times, Lonely Planet, the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Qantas Magazine, SmarterTravel, Y Travel, The Points Guy, and Too Many Adapters.** Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker. Designed to be fast, it takes the headache out of expense tracking so you can focus on the fun. "Trail Wallet…is the best travel-centric expense tracking app I’ve used." The Professional Hobo "Trail Wallet is super easy to use, fast, and has a fun and beautiful interface." Too Many Adapters BUILT BY TRAVELLERS We are Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney of Never Ending Voyage, a couple who've been travelling full time since March 2010. Managing our finances is what has enabled us to have so many wonderful experiences but, after 3 years on the road, we needed something better than scribbled notes, loose receipts, and complicated spreadsheets to track our expenses. So we built Trail Wallet. Nobody wants to worry about money while travelling, but we all do. Tracking your finances is a simple way to get some freedom from this financial anxiety. Instead of just hoping you’ve got enough money, know. QUICK AND SIMPLE Road tested by tens of thousands of travellers, the app is simple, clear and easy to use. Organise your expenses by trip or by month, set yourself a daily budget, then easily add expenses as you go. When you get a bill or receipt, launch the app, add the amount using the Quick Add screen and you’re done. Forget about it. Get on with your day. No more collecting receipts in bags or pockets. No more sitting with a calculator trying to work out how you’re doing. No more trying to remember how much that tuk-tuk cost. At the end of the day or week or month or trip, you can see how you’re doing. A little over budget? No problem—our app will tell you what’s eating up your cash. Under budget? Good job—send a little reassurance to your friends and family using your favourite social media platform. KEY FEATURES Summary • Detailed summary screen gives you all you need to know about your budget • Tap the screen to show the data in any of your local currencies • Interactive bar chart shows your last five days spending—tap the bars to see that day's history • Switch between trip budget spent and trip budget remaining by tapping on the circular progress circle • New themes and characters to customise your budgeting experience (additional In App Purchase required) • Tap on the daily budget label to see an adjusted budget, to see exactly how much you have left to spend each day Trips • Add multiple trips with custom start and end dates, or let Trail Wallet work out the dates automatically based on your first and last entry • Per-trip history, pie chart, and export options Adding Amounts • Tags! Amounts can have multiple tags, which can be filtered on the History screen • Add amounts in either your home currency, or choose from over 218 local currencies • Quickly and easily get the latest exchange rate (Internet connection required) • Tap on the date to optionally spread expenses out over multiple days • Add photos of your receipts Categories • Customise your categories and category colours • Interactive pie charts for a visual view of how much you've spent by category • Category breakdowns—view and edit lists of items by category Breakdowns • Daily breakdown of how you’re doing against a daily and monthly or trip budget • Month by month breakdown of all of your expenses for each trip • Quickly and easily move amounts between trips Backups and Export • Customisable export options—export your data in CSV format and send it via messages, email, or Airdrop • Daily automatic iCloud backups of all your data (iCloud account required) • Export your backups via email or iMessage • Export receipt photos


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  • Best budget app, even for solo travellers

    Durch J. Voight
    I used this app as a solo traveller for a couple of months and it was just perfect for keeping track. Now I am going to try it out for budget planning at home. The only thing that is really missing is that the app works based on the device you’re using rather than on an account of any sort (Apple ID, email). Thus I can’t synchronise with my iPad or can’t add other devices which would be handy if travelling in a group or a device gets lost.
  • Ein sehr gutes Programm,

    Durch EWG123
    Übersichtlich und leicht zu bedienen. Das einzige Manko, ist der Abgleich zwischen iPhone und iPad. In Handarbeit abgleichen ist etwas problematisch wenn man mit beiden Geräten arbeitet. Das haben andere Entwickler eleganter gelöst.
  • Sehr zu empfehlen

    Durch Omg@taxiberlin
    Haben die App für unser dreimonatiges sabbatical genutzt und sie hat uns in vollem Umfang unterstützt. Selbst jetzt noch, wenn Freunde fragen, wie teuer war denn der Fallschirmsprung, kann ich mit wenigen Klicks glänzen :)
  • Almost for free

    Durch henkelova
    Eigentlich eine gute App, aber man sollte sie nicht als kostenlos anpreisen, wenn man nach wenigen malen Benutzung die App doch nur noch nutzen kann, wenn man bezahlt! Die App Hersteller verdeutlichen zwar, dass die App nur für die ersten "25 items" kostenlos ist...allerdings wird einem nirgends klar gemacht was diese "items" sind. Mittlerweile vermute ich, dass ich 25 mal eine Ausgabe in der App eingegeben habe und dann wurde sie kostenpflichtig.
  • Awesome

    Durch Sporty0815
    The app is perfect for traveling, especially for long trips through different countries with different currencies. Exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I would like to use is a monthly budget option, in addition to the daily and trip budget option.
  • Klasse

    Durch kostik_y2k
    Eine super App!! Ist genau das, was ich gesucht habe. Im Urlaub einfach alle Ausgaben fleissig eintragen, dann auswerten, fertig. Auf jeden Fall jeden Cent wert!
  • Brilliant

    Durch Sir Timbo
    This app is awesome! Really helpful for every traveler!!
  • Awesome

    Durch cgh787
    Awesome App and Design. Tried so many budget apps but this one is the best for tracking my month costs at home and traveling!
  • Love that app

    Durch 5Evi5
    Very easy to use and customize. Perfect for my world tour ✌🏼
  • Hat alles super funktioniert

    Durch Unpred1ct4ble
    Hab die App auf ner 3 Monatigen Reise benutzt und könnte so meine Kosten sehr gut im Blick behalten. Deshalb 5 Sterne, gibt nix zu meckern