Recorder & Editor ~ iSaidWhat?! ~ Share audio to Twitter, Facebook, WiFi, Email, etc.

Recorder & Editor ~ iSaidWhat?! ~ Share audio to Twitter, Facebook, WiFi, Email, etc.

von Tapparatus

  • Kategorie: Business
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2009-12-19
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.3
  • Bewertung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 9.89 MB
  • Entwickler: Tapparatus
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 4.3 oder später.
Ergebnis: 3
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Record, Import, Cut, Arrange, Share — With the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the mic, cut snippets using a very precise zoomable waveform, combine snippets from multiple recordings, make your own Soundboard, import files via WiFi / iTunes, and output files via Email / WiFi / Facebook / Twitter / iTunes / Other Apps like DropBox, etc, this app becomes really useful real fast. Record voice notes, interviews, lectures, ambient sounds, podcasts, etc; Cut out parts most important to you and share it with ease. Have a little fun with audio by recording someone saying something and rearranging it into something completely different - preferably embarrassing :) Import audio files via Email, WiFi or iTunes and edit them on the go. Export those edits when you're done and use them as you will, saving yourself valuable time. There's a ton of different things you can do with this full featured app, and at this price you really can't go wrong. Go to for a fun video demo or to email us with any questions or issues. Please remember that there is no way for us to respond/help via comments, so email us if you have any questions or concerns. PS. For those who think we have a silly name for an app that is extremely useful, I kind of agree, but c'mon, why does everything have to be so serious?! :) FEATURE LIST 1.RECORD - Record in the background. - Real time audio wave lets you visualize what you're recording. - Adjustable mic sensitivity lets you record from further away, or avoid clipping of loud audio, resulting in the best possible recording. - Script view lets you have notes in front of you while recording. - Auto save makes sure you never loose a recording if you close out by mistake. Tip: Flip the device 180deg to have the mic on top 1b.IMPORT - You can import any audio file from other apps like Mail, DropBox, etc, using their 'open with...' menu. - You can import any audio file via WiFi over the same local network. - You can import any audio file via iTunes File Sharing. Simply copy the file to the app and it will recognize it next time you open the app. Tip: You can even import some video formats like mp4 and it will extract the audio for you. 2.CUT - Zoom in/out of the waveform for precise selections using pinch gestures - Play the selected snippet or the entire recording. Tip: Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning. Tip: Press and hold the wave if you don't want it to scroll while playing. 3.ARRANGE - Use snippets from multiple recordings. - Add pauses, rearrange, duplicate, or delete any snippet. - Fine tune snippet selection without leaving the screen. Tip: Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning Tip: Rotate the device 90deg to get a Soundboard view — play your snippets by tapping around. 4.SHARE - Share your snippets, arrangement, or just the recording. - Email as an attachment as a WAV or M4A. - Use WiFi to download from your computer's browser. - Post on your Facebook wall. - Tweet it to the world. - Use USB using iTunes File Sharing. - Open With any other app that supports it. (ex: DropBox, G Drive, FTP apps, Music Apps, etc) Tip: You can copy/paste twitter’s share link to send it some other way. REQUIREMENTS/NOTES - iPhone or iPod Touch with 4.3 firmware or later. Note: Due to iPhone limitations, you will not be able to record during a phone call.


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  • Aktualisierung bitte

    Durch drey8
    Bitte aktualisieren.nutzte die App sehr oft 😔
  • Nicht aktualisiert

    Durch hesserm
    Wurde noch nicht auf IOS 11 aktualisiert
  • Sehr gut!

    Durch ebussinetz
    Es ist für mich bisher die beste App in dieser Art!
  • Useful

    Durch Pedro 022
    The app is inexpensive but useful. It is also easy and intuitive to use. You will have no unpleasant surprises if you just want to record voice or interviews and manipulate a little the audio. It is only a pity that files can not be directly saved in a smaller format, say, mp3, the files are saved as wav files with no alternatives.
  • Sehr praktisch!

    Durch Paizt
    Sehr coole App zum mitschneiden von Meetings oder zum aufnehmen von Field Recordings!!! Senden via SMS und WhatsApp wäre noch gut!
  • Simply cool

    Durch MrW_
  • Really Good

    Durch Horst Desiato
    But the Most important thing is missing: You can't adjust the recording quality and have to live with the standard setting. Wifi transfer didn't work for me either.
  • Auch für höhere Ansprüche

    Durch bekuro
    Das was man max. aus der iPhone-Hardware herausholen kann tut die App. Speziell das Einstellen der Soundempfindlichkeit auch im schwierigen Recording-Umfeld erfüllt seinen Zweck!
  • Speichert nicht im mp3 Format...

    Durch Thorsten-hh
    ...und ist somit für mich unbrauchbar.
  • Must have

    Durch Ftbhfgv
    Very powerfull, echt überzeugend. I like the fact that it keeps recording in the background while switching apps. With my diy microphone plug for the earspeacker socket i can record while reading from a prompter app. Pro Prompter does,not work but prompterpal does the trick. If you are looking for a recording and editing software, and for dictation, interviews this app is the best. Saving to drop box would be great. But then again you can email your recordings and transfer vial the local network.Oh yer and i can record while the everydaylooper app is running. Also jungs nicht zögern die app ist ihr Geld Wert. Seit ich die app habe suche ich nach keiner anderen. Das Bearbeiten der Aufnahmen macht richtig Spass, mit den Fingern in der Waveform rumquetchen.Keep up the good work!