Everyday Looper

Everyday Looper

von Mancing Dolecules

  • Kategorie: Music
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2009-10-23
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.6.1
  • Bewertung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 3.99 MB
  • Entwickler: Mancing Dolecules
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 9.3 oder später.
Ergebnis: 4
Von 121 Bewertungen


A video is worth a thousand words, you can check a "thrilling" demo of Everyday Looper here : http://www.tinyurl.com/ELDemo3 Everyday Looper allows you to record 4 musical phrases - 6 on an iPad - and loop them right away. You can then mix and merge them on the fly. Thanks to the metronome (click track) and the auto start/stop of recording (quantized recording), reachable in the tools and options menu, it's suited for two-handed instruments too. - As seen on CNN - "Looping needs to be ultra-simple, instantaneous and spontaneous. None of the apps I tried made that possible. None of them until Everyday Looper." CultOfMac.com "A superb combination of GarageBand and Electroplankton" MacLife.de "This app really enables musicians to jot down an idea or create a masterpiece right from their devices" AppVee.com (5/5) Search YouTube for "Everyday Looper" to see many great user videos ! Here is what we've got : ------------------- New In Version 1.6 UNDO / REDO • Restore the previous version of a track modified by recording, erasing or merging. SEND MAIL • Send individual tracks or mixes of your loops, in AAC or WAV format, by email. ------------------- NO BUTTON USER INTERFACE • Tap or swipe on displayed waveforms to play / pause / stop / record / change volume / erase. AUTO-NORMALISATION • Auto-normalization of each track to reach their maximum non clipped volume by the swipe of a finger. MASTER LIMITER • Master Limiter to not worry about clipping after tracks mixing. TRACK MERGING [Added In Version 1.1] • Merge one track with another one in real-time, with limiter. OVERDUB RECORDING [Added In Version 1.4] • Choose your recording mode between Overdub and Replace. QUANTIZED RECORDING • Automatically start/stop recording at the beginning/end of a loop, as an option. Perfect for instruments that require your 2 hands. STEREO TRACKS [Added In Version 1.5] • Pan your tracks in the stereo field. TRACK MUTING [Added In Version 1.2] • Very useful for switching between a track you use as a chorus and another one you use as a verse. Optionally quantizable to loop. METRONOME • Metronome track generator to create a X clicks at Y BPMs base track. AUDIO COPY/PASTE [Added In Version 1.2] • Copy and paste tracks to and from other audio apps. Great for using that nice beat you laid down in BeatMaker as a "de luxe" metronome. MIDI CONTROLLERS [Added In Version 1.5] • Record, Play/Pause and Stop can be triggered by a MIDI controller. LATENCY COMPENSATION [Added In Version 1.2] • For you tracks to be perfectly synchronized. Sub millisecond precision. WiFi EXPORT • Export your tracks to your computer over WiFi in 44100Hz/16Bits Wav format. 2 INPUT CHANNELS [Added In Version 1.5] • Record channel 1 or 2, both simultaneously or as a stereo source. Require an audio device that provides 2 input channels such as the Alesis iO Dock. 4 TRACKS (on iPhone) - 6 TRACKS (on iPad) [Added In Version 1.3] • Up to 45 seconds of recording for each track. To be noted : This app is all about recording. No pre-recorded samples are included and iPod Touch users will need an external microphone. Here is the detailed documentation + video tutorial : http://www.mancingdolecules.com/everyday-looper/documentation For all problems/suggestions, please visit our forum http://www.mancingdolecules.com/forum Follow us on Twitter : @MancingDols


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  • Danke für die 64bit!

    Durch Mendels Sohn
    Danke, danke und nochmals danke! Ich dachte schon, ich müsste bald auf diese fantastische App verzichten. Ich kenne für iOS keinen besseren Looper, was die Funktionalität und die Benutzerfreundlichkeit angeht. Schaut euch unbedingt die Tutorials von Edouard Joguet an, dann wisst ihr was ich meine. Das Ding ist jeden Cent und noch viel mehr wert.
  • iOS 11: 64-Bit-Version will come!!!

    Durch FastGluecklich
    Info from Forum (2017-09-07): "The app will be updated very soon so it keeps on working with iOS11 " So happy to hear it!
  • Schön :)

    Durch BauiWowi
    Macht was es soll und das mehr als zufriedenstellend ! Macht Laune !
  • what is missing....

    Durch BeNo0707
    if you would add the possibillity to start and stop recordings and playing by a footswitch (bluetooth?) it would be a greater tool for live performances - or is this possible????
  • Danceclasses

    Durch pwdrums
    I'm happy about the program but for me would be BT-output very handy! Peter
  • Great!

    Durch spamposting
    But please support Bluetooth speakers/microphones. This would make the app perfect for me!

    Durch turbohamlet
    I am using the Looper now for 6 years. It changed my way of producing music totally! I love it. The EyDy Looper is THE classic looper in the App Store.
  • I am jamming right now!

    Durch Player_1one1
    I've owned and pirated and used and forgot about this app a million times. But i'm jammin right now with it. I think that's all you need to know from me about buying this...
  • Genial

    Durch PKTK
    Eine Bitte: AUDIOBUS ! dann 5 Sterne.
  • Thumbs up

    Durch Trashtalk68
    Best Loop App Ever