Time 2: Beat Procrastination

Time 2: Beat Procrastination

von Blue Cocoa, Inc.

  • Kategorie: Productivity
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2017-12-07
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.0.1
  • Bewertung: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 17.75 MB
  • Entwickler: Blue Cocoa, Inc.
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 10.0 oder später.
Ergebnis: 3.5
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Say goodbye to that guilty feeling you get when you procrastinate! Meet Time 2: it will help you stop wasting time, stay focused, and get your work done. RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK To use Time, you add a task and an amount of time you want to spend on it, such as "Math homework for 30 minutes." When you start your task, a timer counts down. Your job is to beat the clock and get your task done before the timer runs out. CHANGE YOUR HABITS As you're working on a task, an animated wave counts down and changes color. To add more time to your task or to finish it early, you just slide the wave up or down with your finger. Keep using Time, and you'll notice yourself working faster so you can pull the wave down and never have to slide it up. PRODUCTIVITY IS MENTAL Time is full of mental triggers that help you work better. A large progress bar keeps track of how many tasks you've completed each day. If you find yourself procrastinating instead of starting your work, the progress bar will push you to get it done. POWERFUL SCHEDULING FEATURES You can repeat a task daily or weekly: "Gym for 1 hour daily." You can add a reminder to any task: "Write essay for 45 minutes at 5pm." All of these powerful scheduling features are available in Time. You don't need any other app to keep track of your work. PLAN YOUR DAY AHEAD Time lets you schedule tasks for any day, such as "Read chemistry notes for 30 minutes tomorrow." You can plan out your entire week in advance. Want to schedule a task four years in advance? No problem. SEE EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE Time keeps all your old days, just scroll up. You can see everything you've ever completed and understand how productive your past week has been. PEOPLE LOVE TIME Time 1 came out in January 2017. It quickly became the #1 ranked productivity app all over the world, and it was featured by Apple on the App Store. Here's what people have to say about Time 2: “Whenever I had 30 minutes to spare, I wouldn't do anything productive. Now, I open the app and have my day planned. Instead of wasting my time, I get my work done.” – Louise Estberg, Student Athlete, Harvard University “After using Time 2 for a while, I noticed that I avoided distractions so I wouldn’t have to pull the wave up. Now, I work faster and feel more productive.” – Bryce Dubayah, Student, University of Maryland


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