Kittoji - Cat Emojis

Kittoji - Cat Emojis

von High Development Mobile Applications, INC


Introducing the most awesome Cat emoji keyboard – Kittoji! Get your colorful emojis to express yourself and start sending MEOWS! - Excellent image quality! - Keyboard works anywhere you want to send messages - Edit your emoji by drawing or writing on it - Endless ways to express yourself with these colorful cat emojis - Perfect for every cat & kitten lover After installing Kittoji app on your phone you will need to: go to settings > general > keyboards > add keyboard > select Kittoji > activate "Allow full access"** - Now you are ready to send some MEOWS! :) ** NOTE ABOUT FULL ACCESS ** Apple requires ALL third party Keyboard apps to allow full access to the keyboard. This gives permission for Kittoji keyboard to copy and paste emoji images. We do not collect anything you type or share through this keyboard and we do not collect your personal data! SHAWTED EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT 2017 HI DEV MOBILE INC.